Strategies & Vision 

  • Vedic Knowledge opens our minds to unexpected ways of viewing ourselves and the world. No less vital is its function as an instrument of change, an invaluable form of community expression, a reminder of diversity, a source of healing, and a receptacle for memory.
  • There is one universal spiritual energy that is driving the entire universe. The primary goal of a human being is to realize this unchanging relationship between himself, everyone else with the universal spiritual energy.
  • Protect the Dharma. It will protect you. Dharmo rakshati Rakshitaha:(manu smruti 8.15)  
  • Service to mankind is an obligation for all - nAnAJanasyashusrUshAkartavyAkaravanmitEH (AcharyaMadhva)

Our Intent

  • Focus on Global issues that demand urgent action, solutions, and measurable results 
  • Globalization has changed thinking and culture. The younger generation seems to be loosing the roots of Vedic knowledge and has resulted in misdirected life .
  • AA enriches the practice and knowledge of Vedic wisdom, widens public access to it, and strengthens their capacities in their daily life, by innovative projects, commissioning research and creating public platforms using the framework of Vedic Knowledge.

Beliefs & Value Statement

  • The Vedic knowledge is indispensable to individual and community well being. Support for the same should be widely accessible without prejudice to class, language, religion or gender.
  • Transparency, mutual trust and give-and-take must characterize the business of Vedic philanthropy.

We support

Practice - Projects and residencies that extends and enhances current lifestyle practices.

Vedic Research and Documentation - Projects to enhance understanding of Vedic traditions and contemporary practices.