We solicit your generous financial support

Atmashrama is formed with an objective of paving ways to rekindle Vedic Wisdom for Modern Living. Atmashrama was started in 2006 by group of professionals led by Dr. Raghavendra Acharya Rachuri, a distinguished techie turned Sanskrit scholar, who is leading from the front in bringing a change in the mindset of youngsters and kids towards our Tradition, Culture and Philosophy. With several unique programs like Madhwa @ Heart, Madhwa Lab etc., Atmashrama has been successful in catching the imagination of young hearts. A group of talented young kids are enrolled full time in Atmashrama Gurukula, and getting a holistic learning which is a rendezvous of Spirituality and Science. Atmashrama's team is committed to achieve its objectives with available limited resources at its disposal. A lending hand here and there would definitely a shot in the arm.

Why support us?

Two key undertakings of Atmashrama are Atmashrama Gurukula and Madhwa Lab. As Atmashrama Gurukula runs as per the stringent Vedic Principles no fee is charged for imparting the pristine knowledge to any of the students. The knowledge is imparted selflessly only as a service unto the Almighty.  The Gurukula does not receive funds from any Government or Private Institutions or Mathas. The entire funding happens through generous donations from well-wishers who appreciate the good work that the Ashrama is undertaking. 

The Madhwa Lab is a facility being developed by Atmashrama at Banashankari 6th Stage in Bangalore. This is being developed as a high-tech facility with a provision for a Mini-Theater and Electronic Lab (E-Gallery). With several innovative ideas, Atmashrama is leveraging the advances in technology to generate interest in youngsters and kids. The setting up of such a facility needs support from philanthropists who are willing to see the future generations in safe hands.

Atmashrama, hereby solicits generous donations from noble persons who want to join hands with us in preserving our tradition for the continued benefit of present and future generations. 


You can direct your contributions under the following heads -

Infrastructure Development Fund

To impart quality education to the resident and non-resident, online and offline students, a high-tech infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities is very much essential. Realizing the requirement, Atmashrama has embarked upon the construction of its own building housing the Atmashrama Gurukula, Madhwa Lab (Theater and Gallery) and Madhwa Pravachana Mandira in 2014. By the grace of the Almighty, the new Atmashrama building with Atmashrama Gurukula and Pravachana Mandira, Dining Hall with kitchen has been inaugurated by H.H. Sri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji of Shri Uttaradi Math on 29/4/2016.

In the coming days, we are planning to complete the high-tech state-of-the-art Madhwa Lab which will house the Madhwa Theater and Madhwa Galleries. This is going to help both the Gurukula students as well as the visitors including children and youth who can learn, interact and download content about our rich tradition and philosophies. The estimated fund requirement for the Madhwa Lab facility is ~ Rs. 20 Lakhs. Donors are requested to contribute liberally for this noble project.

Estimated Project Cost : Rs 20 Lakhs

Maintenance Fund

Atmashrma is incurring costs to fund the entire student's stay and learning including food, books, library and other technological resources like PC, Project with Screen, Printer etc. Atmashrama is following Organic Farming procedure to produce Vegetables for the consumption of the Gurukula. Apart from the residential students of the Gurukula, the Atmashrama Facility has regular visitors who come to attend classes daily and on weekends. All festivals are celebrated with religious fervour and devotion throughout the year. Sumptuous tirtha prasada is also served to all devotees during Special Events. Many devotees are benefiting from Daily Discourses on Srimad Bhagavatam and Sriman Mahabharatam both in person and online.  All this incurs recurring maintenance costs for uninterrupted supply of Electricity, Water, Cleaning, Repairs, Security etc. Around 20k is being spent every month for the proper maintenance of the facility.

Estimated Monthly Maintenance : Rs 20k

Library Fund

Atmashrama houses a library with around 5000 books. Proper book shelves have to be provided to protect the precious books from getting damaged. New book purchases are also being made from time to time as per the requirement of the Students. 

Estimated Project Cost : Rs 5,00,000/-

Technology Fund 

Atmashrama makes best use of Technology to achieve its objectives. With active presence over internet, requests keep coming to provide information through Live Streaming, Mobile Apps etc. This requires lot of investment from the Ashrama side. Also, Atmashrama requires state-of-the-art PC and Software to carry out DTP tasks such as Movie and Graphic Design to produce active and catchy content on the internet.

Presently Atmashrama is looking to build a Air conditioned Computer Lab with Lan Network under a server and ups with internet access. 

Estimated Cost : Rs 10,00000/-

How can I support Atmashrama?

1. Sponsor one Gurukula Students stay and education - Rs. 5000 per month

2. Support monthly provisions of Atmashrama - Rs. 2000 per month

3. Support monthly maintenance and service costs - Rs. 1500 per month

4. Contribute to Infrastructure Development Fund - Rs. 1000 per month

5. Pravachana Mandira Seva - Rs. 500 per month

6. Alilu Seva - Rs. 100 per month

Your contribution towards the speedy realization of this path breaking concept called Madhwa Lab can be in one of the following modes:

I will be happy to become a Maha Raja Martanda Poshaka by donating Rs.1 Lakh or above

I will be happy to become a Maha Raja Poshaka by donating Rs. 1 Lakh

I will be happy to become a Raja Poshaka by donating Rs 50,000

I will be happy to become a Poshaka by donating Rs. 25,000

I will be happy to become a Maha Raja Sevaka by donating  Rs. 10,000

I will be happy to become a Maha Sevaka by donating  Rs. 5,000


Please contact us if you want to become a sponsor or if you have any questions please feel free to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 7259670376/8105844455.

Contributions may be kindly directed to: 

Bank Account: ATMASHRAMA

Bank & Branch: SBI, BEML Layout, Bangalore.

A/c Type: CC

A/c No: 33547295747


You can also send Demand Draft/Cheque/MO in favour of "ATMASHRAMA"

Address: Atmashrama, #1586, BSK 6th Stage, 4th Block, Near Lingadheerana Halli, Talghatpura Post,

Bangalore - 560 109, Ph: 72596 70376 / 8105844455 

Sri Krishnarpanamastu