Atmashrama is formed with an objective of paving ways to rekindle Vedic Wisdom for Modern Living. Atmashrama was started in 2006 by group of professionals led by Dr. Raghavendra Acharya Rachuri, a distinguished techie turned Sanskrit scholar,  who is leading from the front in bringing a change in the mindset of youngsters and kids towards our Tradition, Culture and Philosophy. With several unique programs like Madhwa @ Heart, Madhwa Lab, Atmashrama has been successful in catching the imagination of young hearts. A group of talented young kids are enrolled full time in Atmashrama Gurukula, and getting a holistic learning which is a rendezvous of Spirituality and Science. Atmashrama's team is committed to achieve its objectives with available limited resources at its disposal. A lending hand here and there would definitely a shot in the arm. 


Atmashrama is open to committed individuals who want to serve/share to make a difference. You can get associated with Atmashrama in one of the following ways 1. as an Expert or Resource Person in Technology, Science or any particular branch of learning 2. A student of science who wants to share his learning  3. A volunteer 4. Event Management 5. A Sponsor or a donor. There are many other ways you can involve with Atmashrama. Please fill in your details below to get connected with us. 

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