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What is Madhwa Lab?

Atmashrama's Madhwa Lab, is an aesthetically planned one of its kind Spiritual Lab (Framework) providing divine experience of an unshackled cultural embrace that blends well with modern life style. Its chief vision is to ensure a better quality of life for everyone, everywhere and for all times.


• Providing an opportunity to experience the width and depth of Vedic Wisdom presented in the form of Holistic Vaishnava Philosophy propounded by the 13th Century Saint Sri Madhwacharya using innovative Audio Visual Facility.

• Providing Hi-Tech E-Gallery with potential for Global Access and Learning

Need for Madhwa Lab

As all our scriptural teachings are in Sanskrit, it is becoming increasingly difficult for layman without Sanskrit background to understand and thereby get benefited by such teachings. Today, there exists a great need to bring the essence of the divine teachings to the present and future generations in a way they can understand. To fulfill this great need, Atmashrama has come up with a unique concept called "Madhwa Lab".

How do I benefit from Madhwa Lab?

Madhwa Lab is going to be a unique simulated high-tech globally accessible repository of value-added content covering the entire length and breadth of Madhwa Philosophy. This would be a place where one could assimilate and experience the broad horizon of the divine philosophy.

 Madhwa Lab Features

- Showcasing everything about our Rich Collective History, Culture and Heritage 

- Madhwa Youth Empowerment

 - Shaping Future Ready Scholars

 - Meditation for personal upliftment


- Go out and watch Madhwa Spiritual Movies!