By. Chi. Sri Ram Balaji, Student, Atmashrama Madhwa Gurukulam

Atmashrama is a non-profit, spiritual organisation which is striving to develop intellectual kids and foster Madhwa-ness in their hearts. The Atmashrama Mission started in 2006. The founder of Atmashrama is Dr. Raghavendra Rachuri Acharya, who was working in software companies before he sacrificed his software career to learn Sanskrit and learn about the Scriptures. After successfully completing his studies, he started teaching Sanskrit to interested students. He also started giving discourses on various spiritual topics. He has extensively propagated a very powerful and effective mantra - Mama Swami Harir Nityam Sarvasya Patireva Cha. This Sacred Mantra was revealed to us by Sri Madhwacharya. Many workshops have been conducted to explain the importance of this mantra in our daily lives. Sri Acharya has also started a Madhwa Gurukula for kids. Through the Gurukulam, Sri Acharya is teaching the students about the right way of leading life. It is important because now-a-days youngsters, teenagers and kids do not know about our own culture. Many are spoiling their lives because of lack of awareness. Acharya is presently teaching the entire Bhagavata and Mahabharata to the kids. Some interested persons who stay close to Atmashrama also attend these daily lectures in the evening. Acharya gives priority to Adhyatma Vidya. At the same time, he teaches the students to adapt Vedic Wisdom for Modern Living. Acharya has published a few books and has also conducted spiritual camps for kids of all ages. He also researches in many ways of teaching Sanskrit and Scriptures to kids. He always encourages kids and adults to be spiritual and trying to build a Samskritika Bharata; establishing a life-style based on the teachings of Sri Madhwacharya. He has started many programs like Atmarpane and presently Madhwa Lab and Project Gargi for the benefit of Kids and teenagers. Now children are trying to speak in Sanskrit and the credit goes to these programs. It is heartening to note that the follower base of Atmashrama is rapidly increasing.

My Life and My Objective :

My life should be a simple and spiritual way of life. I want to study Madhwa Shastra and complete the sacred book called Sriman Nyaya Sudha. I also like to do Ph.D in Sanskrit Grammar. I want to be a proffessor of Sanskrit. I want to lead an easy and happy life. My Role Model is Dr. Raghavendra Rachuri Acharya himself. He has taken me to the right path. I had a dream to join Atmashrama Gurukula. On May 1, 2017, my dream became true. On this day, I joined the Gurukula and became a Vidyarthi. During my school days, I used to get less exposure to the outside world. I was only stuck in studies and by-hearting the lessons without understanding the concepts. From the day I joined Atmashrama Gurukula, I am feeling comfortable without any pressure and enjoying my learning very much. My Guru has taught be a few techniques for studying better. I feel I have improved in my studies and personality. I am getting more exposure than I used to get in school. I am able to give speeches, handle different people, write articles. I am also learning management skills through Atmashrama Stalls during big events. I am greatly enjoying with my fellow students. I will try my best to make Atmashrama one of the top class universities in the world. I am also very eager to learn much more newer thoughts from my teacher. The Main Objective in my life is to work towards attaining Moksha and becoming a true Madhwa @ Heart. My Guru, my parents are encouraging me and I will always seek the blessings of my Guru to bless me so that I can succeed in attaining my objectives.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu